Spiffy Stores helps with shipping – Product Export and Import

Spiffy Stores has recently added some new features to help online shop owners improve the way they calculate shipping rates during checkout.

As part of this process, we added seven new attributes to the Product Variations so this has meant that we needed to update the product export and import CSV files.

The seven new attributes are

Variant Free Shipping
Variant Tax Free
Variant No Shipping Required
Variant Ship Separately
Variant Length
Variant Width
Varriant Height

These attributes are now part of the CSV file when you export your products.

If you are currently using an import file, it’s not essential that you update it to add these new attributes if you’re not using them. Our product import code has been written to recognize even old versions of product CSV files, so you can keep using old versions until you’re ready to update them to use the new features.

You can read more about the Product Export/Import process in the Spiffy Stores Knowledge Base.