Creating multi-level menus can be such a drag

One of the neat features that we have in our hosted shopping cart, Spiffy Stores,  is the ability to create multi-level drop down menus by simply dragging and dropping menu items into the right position in a tree-structured list. There’s a simple liquid tag in the theme template which then renders the whole menu for you automatically creating a drop down menu with multiple levels and fly-out menu items.

I haven’t seen any other shopping cart or ecommerce product that comes close to this.

Have a look at some of the major hosted ecommerce software and you’ll find that they all have some tedious manual process to create drop down menus. One product has a 15 step proces for adding a single sub-category to a menu! Another one has a complicated process of manually creating separate menus for each level of the menu and manually connecting them all up in the theme template.

Not very easy to use.

Have a look at this video I put together to see how easy it is.